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Quick Update: AFE Leaks has been updated with more wells in 2020. I have also cleaned up the site and added some additional beta functionality for financial analysis of public companies (as if that actually matters anymore!).

What is AFE Leaks? It is a repository of horizontal well capex data for Texas and Louisiana. Due to reporting in Texas, this only includes wells classified as either gas or gas-condensate. Luckily, that gives us a very good sample-set of most plays outside of the Midland Basin (and a lot of Delaware Basin). There are some alternative sources I am investigating for Midland Basin. Texas goes back to the mid-2000’s, while Louisiana starts at 2010. We also add some analytic flair. You can purchase the base data-set of 27000+ wells, or just go the site and play around.

There are two ways to login: for now we can use the dummy login and password I set up. However, I’d encourage you to sign up with your own email to get updates. I will add that to the access group automatically eventually, but you can email us at or and we can do it on the backend. I’m a dummy at AWS in some ways still.

Current Login:

Current Password: nogMoonShot21!

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