Analyzing Tweets with R – Friday Night Rollcall 09/18/2020

If you’re a member of the Energy FinTwit Community, you are aware of the Friday Night Rollcall, where @EnronChairman helps us drown the sorrows of our fallen ShaleCo’s with booze and memes. In this edition of Analyzing Tweets, I’ll be digging deeper into the festivities from the 9/18/2020 edition, courtesy of the rtweet package in R.

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The network once again ran deep, and we had heavy participation from regular #FinTwit as well. This time we expanded out of the US and Canada into Russia, Argentina, Denmark, and apparently Cuba (Kenny Lay).

Figure 1: The Expansive Roll Call Network


Like any good happy hour, plenty of mentions of alcohol, but sadly kitty misses the list this time.

Figure 2: Roll Call Wordcloud

Most Active

Who were our most active tweeters during the night?

Figure 3: Tweets By EFT Persona

BuckQuivas was quite active this week, while participation from regular #FinTwit was pretty robust.


It takes very little to throw out a tweet; which guys were generating the likes/chuckles?


Figure 4: Likes By Persona

I excluded the initial roll call tweet from the count, but Kenny Lay is still coming in hot. How much is driven by volume though?

Likes Per

Figure 5: Likes Per Tweet By Persona

For a second week in a row, Dan Pickering comes in hot, dropping a single tweet that was well-liked. Of course, he got strong competition this week from Mr. Skilling and Average Coronapocalypse Investor. And the madame Eloise Williams made hay as well. I’m beginning to think likes are just a popularity contest!


And that’s it for this edition. Basically going to copy paste these things to save me some time!

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