Analyzing Tweets with R – Friday Night Rollcall 09/25/2020

If you’re a member of the Energy FinTwit Community, you are aware of the Friday Night Rollcall, where @EnronChairman helps us drown the sorrows of our fallen ShaleCo’s with booze and memes. In this edition of Analyzing Tweets, I’ll be digging deeper into the festivities from the 9/25/2020 edition, courtesy of the rtweet package in R.

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The network once again ran deep, and we had heavy participation from regular #FinTwit as well.

Figure 1: The Expansive Roll Call Network

This time we expanded out of the US and Canada into Russia, Lithuania, Denmark, Bahamas, Argentina, and apparently Cuba (Kenny Lay). Of course, the best parody locations include:

  • Your mom’s house
  • Core of the core
  • Shale Hell
  • Quarantine
  • Debit, Cr
  • Enron Tower and Complex
  • Chapter 11 Courthouse
  • Area 51


Like any good happy hour, plenty of mentions of alcohol, while Chuck Yates, aka @nimplephatty, is prominently featured.

Figure 2: Roll Call Wordcloud

Most Active

Who were our most active tweeters during the night?

Figure 3: Tweets By EFT Persona

Some of the usual characters, though new appearances in the top 20 this week include Sarah Katilyn and David-Ramsdem Woods (parody). My dear hope is that the real Mr. Woods, after his Twitter hiatus, will come back and be lined up right next the parody account next time.


It takes very little to throw out a tweet; which guys were generating the likes/chuckles?


Figure 4: Likes By Persona

First glance it is very much driven by volume. Let’s see who was really bringing home the bacon on a per-tweet basis?

Likes Per

Figure 5: Likes Per Tweet By Persona

And the crown-winner the last two weeks, Dan Pickering,is dethroned. Moar Drilling drops a single tweet that puts him at the top of the list. Of course, the most-liked tweet (outside of the original Roll Call tweet), comes to us courtesy of Mr. Yates. Let’s take a look at these gems.


And that’s it for this edition. If you want me to include some other graphs or analysis just let me know! These take a little bit of work to put together so I’d like to semi-automate them but keep them relevant/interesting.

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