Analyzing Tweets with R – Friday Night Rollcall Edition

If you’re a member of the Energy FinTwit Community, you are aware of the Friday Night Rollcall, where @EnronChairman helps us drown the sorrows of our fallen ShaleCo’s with booze and memes. In this edition of Analyzing Tweets, I’ll be digging deeper into the festivities from our special 9/11/2020 edition, courtesy of the rtweet package in R.

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I cut this thing off at 8 am this morning, but there had already been 27 different levels of replies and replies-to-replies, etc.. Self-identified locations included the United States, Canada, Oman, and apparently Cuba (Kenny Lay). One of these side threads definitely took on a life of its’ own.

Figure 1: The Expansive Roll Call Network


Like any good happy hour, plenty of mentions of alcohol, and once again kitty makes the list.

Figure 2: Friday Night Rollcall WordCloud

Most Active

Who were our most active tweeters during the night?

Figure 3: Tweets By EFT Persona

BlakeStreetBomber was quite active, given he contributed our video for RollCall this week. FinTwit Crasher Billy McFarlend also came in hot.


It takes very little to throw out a tweet; which guys were generating the likes/chuckles?


Figure 4: Likes By EFT Persona – Minimum 20 Likes

I excluded the initial roll call tweet from the count, but Kenny Lay is still coming in hot. How much is driven by volume though?

Likes Per

Figure 5: Likes Per Tweet By EFT Persona – Minimum 20 Likes

It does appear that some was driven by volume, though Kenny Lay is still holding his own. Dan Pickering comes in hot, dropping a single tweet that knocked the socks off the competition! What was this gem?


And that’s it for this edition. Next one to examine is Quick Draw based on my poll from last week.

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