Analyzing Tweets with R – NYE Rollcall 12/31/2020

If you’re a member of the Energy FinTwit Community, you are aware of the Friday Night Rollcall, where Kenny Lay helps us drown the sorrows of our fallen ShaleCo’s with booze and memes. In this edition of Analyzing Tweets, I’ll be digging deeper into the festivities from the New Year’s Eve Edition, courtesy of the rtweet package in R.

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Special Shoutouts

Let’s take a minute to recognize a few folks this week that made this RollCall especially memorable.

  • Kenny Lay – The Enron Chariman brings it every week. Keeps the community together, encourages engagement, and helps us forget that everyone is effectively stuck at home. Everyone needs to raise one up, as I can guarantee that this takes a large portion of his time for little to no financial gain (like running a blog).
  • All of EFT – It’s been a rough year for energy investors/professionals, but we have a great community that can come together and do something great. The EFT 2020 Fundraiser raised nearly $200k (with match) for struggling oil and gas families. Makes me proud of this group and what we do. Kudos to O&G OG for setting it up.
  • BSB – One of the best guys you’ll meet in real life, Street Bomber also happens to be a baller DJ and put in a lot of effort this time around in creating the RollCall video. Another toast for the guy that keeps the beats rolling for us while we’re stuck at home.
  • Sankey Research – Paul did God’s work this week by going on to CNBC and pumping the RollCall! It’s great to have some well-known O&G experts actively participate in the EFT community.


The network once again ran deep, and we had heavy participation from regular #FinTwit as well.

Figure 1: The Expansive Roll Call Network

The longest thread appears to be a Japanese Whiskey/Bourbon discussion.

This time we expanded out of the US and Canada into the Czech Republic, Dubai, Sudan, and apparently Cuba (Kenny Lay). Of course, the best parody locations include:

  • The Bourbon Trail
  • My Parents’ House
  • Mars (Did Elon Musk participate?)
  • Hell
  • Autonomous Zone
  • Enron Tower and Complex
  • Your Fridge


Like any good happy hour, plenty of mentions of alcohol, while plenty of good cheer was spread around as well.

Figure 2: Roll Call Wordcloud

Most Active

Who were our most active tweeters during the night?

Figure 3: Tweets By EFT Persona

BSB was all over it in this one. This is a typical trend when someone assists the Chairman. Sankey Research was in rare form as well.


It takes very little to throw out a tweet; which guys were generating the likes/chuckles?


Figure 4: Likes By Persona

First glance it is very much driven by volume, though Mr. Skilling and John WB Rich are up there even with very few tweets. Let’s see who was really bringing home the bacon on a per-tweet basis?

Likes Per

Figure 5: Likes Per Tweet By Persona

Mr. Skilling drops a single tweet that puts him at the top of the list, and to be honest I got a pretty good chuckle out of it. Second most-liked tweet comes from ShaleCo New Hire, who we can only assume was prepared to take down several bottles of champagne alone. Humor and booze are sure-fire ways to get the like count up.


Thanks everyone for a memorable year and let’s keep it going into 2021. Peace out.

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