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About Us

Our goal at Shale Insights is to show Oil & Gas Professionals how to use data to get a leg up on the competition and to create much more valuable employees to any organization

Our Mission

The amount of data oil and gas professionals are exposed to is massive. Almost too much at times. Our goal at Shale Insights is to show you how to use that data to get a leg up on your competition and to make you a much more valuable employee to your organization.

Through insights, tutorials, and courses, we will show you how to use common R and Python libraries/methodologies to generate insights, improve your analysis, and improve your efficiency, all in the context of an Oil and Gas setting.

Who We Are

We are self-taught coders who learned while working as engineers, investment bankers, private equity investors, and corporate researchers.

The biggest issue we found was there were no oil and gas specific resources to get us on our way. We are here to change that.

Domain knowledge and applying your learnings help you learn more quickly, so follow along as we get you started.

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