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Oilfield Stories: Mineral Mortuary

This one comes at us from an anonymous member of #EFT, who I will just call Mr EFT.

Mineral Adventure

Oklahoma is a weird place (my family is actually from there so can confirm). A lot of really crazy backwoods characters. Also a lot of fractured mineral interests floating around, so tracking them down can be a real hassle.

Mr. EFT has a couple of acquisition guys running around trying to buy up minerals. They find a family with mineral interests divvied up between the sisters. Sister number one, super easy to get a hold of. They discuss and have an agreement in place. However, it doesn’t make much sense to do the deal without the other sister contributing.

Turns out, sister number 2 is in jail. No problem, harder deals have been done. After talking with sister number one, he hops on over to the google machine and looks up what happened to get her in the joint. Welp, after the mom died, the sister had some real troubles dealing with it.

So she just put her mom in the car and drove around with the corpse for a WEEK!

Don’t believe it. Read about it here.

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